As beachgoers find their ideal spot on the local sands of Junipero or Seal beach this summer, it’s important to remember that there are inherent guidelines for optimum beach courtesy. With those beaches now open, but with restrictions due to COVID-19, it’s even more important to respect our fellow beachgoers. To make it easy to remember, here are three rules for beach courtesy.

Avoid loud music.

The days of large boom boxes blaring your favorite album have been replaced by more minimalistic smartphones paired to earbuds or small Bluetooth speakers. So there really is no reason to loudly blast music that might disturb those around you. Pay attention to noise ordinances at your favorite beach and be courteous to your fellow sunbathers by wearing headphones, keeping the music volume at a lower level, or reserving the dance party for when crowds have greatly diminished.

Play nice in the sandbox. 

There is something so Zen-like about tracing your fingers through pristine sand and watching it glisten in the sun. However, kicking up sand on your beach blanket neighbors, whether intentional or not, is not always appreciated. They don’t share you or your child’s enthusiasm for sand landing on their towels or food. Proper social distancing can also ensure this isn’t a problem. And when your kids are finished building the ultimate sandcastle, capture loads of photos, but then fill in surrounding holes to prevent injuries for future visitors.

Pack out what you pack in. 

It’s time to go retro and take a page from Woodsy Owl’s mantra of “Give a Hoot—Don’t Pollute.” Let’s all work to keep our coastlines clean. The easiest way to ensure litter-free beaches is to always pack out what you pack in. Keep picnic lunches and snacks simple to reduce garbage, and be sure and grab your reusable water bottles, too. If you want to help out even more, plan on joining the annual Coastal Clean-Up Day scheduled around September 26 this year.

Quality beach time is an important summertime tradition. By following proper beach etiquette and remembering these guidelines for beach courtesy, you can ensure everyone will have the same positive beach experience.