The holidays are here! Can you believe it? With Thanksgiving swiftly approaching and other holidays following soon after, you’re most likely anticipating those wonderful festivities and traditions you and your family love: roasting the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, lighting the house with large, flashing bulbs, and baking dozens of your favorite sugar cookies.

One thing that could disrupt these traditions is if your home appliances aren’t working too well. Don’t let home appliance dilemmas ruin your fun. Perform holiday appliance checks to ensure everything is working properly before the festivities begin, and call our maintenance team for help if needed. Here are three ways you can ensure that you experience a truly magical season with your loved ones.

Perform a Cooking Test

The best way to discover if your kitchen appliances are working properly is to perform a cooking test. A few weeks before your big Thanksgiving meal, turn on your oven and bake a loaf of pumpkin bread for a treat or pop in a frozen lasagna meal for an Italian-themed dinner. Once your cooking is finished, load up your dishwasher with the dirty dishes, run a full load, and check to make sure that your dishes come out sparkling clean.

According to West Coast Chief Repair in Los Angeles, California, refrigerators, dishwashers, and garbage disposals are among the top five appliances that break the most often. Performing these pre-holiday appliance checks will help you know if there are any issues with these or other major appliances far in advance of your big holiday celebration. 

Deep Clean

The holiday season is a very common time for people to deep clean their homes. Before you decorate your apartment and get into the holiday spirit, grab your cleaning supplies and get to work. Don’t forget to focus on your most-used kitchen appliances.

When performing your pre-holiday maintenance checks in the coming days and weeks, consider following these appliance tips: 

  • Help keep your fridge working properly by pulling it away from the wall and cleaning out the dust from the mechanical coils.
  • Make sure to clean your dishwasher by setting a single dishwasher-safe cup of white vinegar on the top rack and running a full cycle.
  • Run your garbage disposal regularly with cold water before your holiday celebration to ensure it continues to work properly.
  • While cleaning your oven and stove top, make sure all heating elements or gas burners heat and ignite fully.

These extra steps will help ensure a happier holiday season.

Reach Out to Our Maintenance Team

At Northwind Apartments, we want your holiday celebrations to be as magical and memory-filled as you envision. To help ensure that seasonal magic, our on-site management and 24-hour maintenance teams are ready to help if you are having any sort of problems with your appliances. If you find that your garbage disposal, stove burner, oven, or refrigerator has quit working, simply visit Northwind’s Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our team will schedule a time to address your issue so that your holiday season is nothing but fun-filled and stress-free memories. 

Alleviate the additional stress a broken appliance can cause this holiday season by performing your holiday and maintenance checks before the festivities begin and contacting our maintenance team should there be any issues. The entire staff here at Northwind Apartments sincerely wants your holiday wishes to come true this year!