Americans love having a furry companion in their home. A recent survey found that about 85 million households have a pet, totaling nearly 184 million cats and dogs. From pampered pooches to cats that allow humans to coexist with them, our pets have a special place in our homes. 

Naturally, pet owners will go to great lengths to ensure their home is welcoming for their animal companions. Aside from your love, your pets actually have some simple needs to keep them happy. Here are some ways to make sure your pet-friendly apartment in Bellflower, California, is comfortable for your pet.

Give Animals Their Own Space

As snuggly as your fluffy pup and silky kitty are, they don’t always want to curl up on your lap. Animals need their own space, whether they sleep in a crate at night or just have a soft bed on the floor. Give them a place of their own to get away from the humans when they want. They’ll want a comfortable location where they feel safe and secure. Food and water should also be in a calm spot where they don’t feel a need to protect it. 

At Northwind’s pet-friendly apartments in Bellflower, California, you’ll find you have plenty of space to spare for your pet. With our one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, you can even give them a room of their own if you wish.

Remove Hazards

Puppies and kitties love to play, and they can get themselves hurt even in your apartment. Make your apartment comfortable and safe by removing any hazards that could injure or sicken your pets. Move items they shouldn’t chew on or scratch up, and put away food properly. These precautions will save your pet from apartment hazards, and they will also save your possessions from your curious little friend.

Bring On the Toys

Bored pets can get into mischief pretty easily, especially smart animals that want to explore and learn about the world around them. Cats, dogs, and even little critters need something to keep them occupied, especially while you are away at work. Give them a variety of toys they’ll enjoy – including some to chew on, some activity toys, and even some yummy treats for their tummy. 

Bring your pets home to a pet-friendly apartment in Bellflower, California, at Northwind. Our pet amenities are second to none, and you’ll love making your apartment a comfortable place for your pet to live.