Have you ever looked around your apartment and wondered, “How can I make this feel more like a home?” If you have just moved in, chances are you could be asking yourself that question right now. Even if your new space is beautiful, it’s not uncommon to feel not quite right . . . yet.

Sometimes, however, all it takes is a little bit of color, some curtains or shades, or maybe even some plants to bring that spirit back in. Here are three aesthetic features you can implement that can help convert your apartment into a home you can enjoy.

Color makes all the difference.

Every year, the paint industry announces popular color trends from around the world. These reports are full of decorating ideas and intriguing photos, which you can use to find a style and color that fits you. Once you’ve found it, incorporate it into your apartment. You don’t even need to paint the walls, either. You can buy furniture that fits your chosen color scheme or hang artwork. It’s all about adding accents to your apartment that you love so that you feel more at home.

Window coverings are where it’s at.

Blinds and window curtains can play an important part in your home, even if you don’t realize it. Apart from providing privacy, lighting versatility, and climate control, they can provide an intimate and personal feel that can be unique to your home. Wayfair.com has a great guide to helping you not only choose what curtains are right for you, but also learn how to install and take care of them.

Plants help you feel at ease.

When you bring houseplants into your spaces, you’re not just adding new greenery. Plants are living, breathing organisms that interact with your mind, body, and home in ways that can enhance the quality of your apartment life. Among other things, plants can help you breathe easier by purifying your air, which helps improve your overall health—which can, in turn, make it easier to feel comfortable in your home. Not to mention plants simply look wonderful around the apartment.

Sometimes all it takes to convert an apartment into a home is some color, curtains, or plants. These additions, with just a little bit of love and tender care, can get your apartment feeling like a home in no time.