What’s not to love about smoothies? They are portable, packed with nutrients, colorful, and easy to make. You can personalize your smoothie anyway you like, but to ensure you are getting the most out of your smoothie, here are four key ingredients not to miss!

1. Fresh Ingredients

We want our daily smoothie to be delicious as well as nutritious. That means starting with fresh fruits and vegetables. To keep your smoothie indulgence affordable, use produce that is in season. Fortunately for us, the area around Bellflower offers fresh ingredients all year round. So take advantage of that goodness by starting with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

2. A Great Blender

While a blender may not qualify as an ingredient, the quality of your blender makes a huge difference in the consistency of your smoothie. If you’ve committed to drinking smoothies regularly, it may be time to invest in a high-powered Vitamix or Blendtec machine. The Ninja Ultima is another great choice with a more affordable price point.

3. Superfoods

If you want to get the most out of your smoothie, don’t forget to add a power-packed ingredient like kale, chia seeds, a shot of wheatgrass, or a dash of apple cider vinegar. These small doses of superfoods will help you get the most bang out of your blends. For some tasty ideas, check out Movita Juice Bar in Downey for a huge selection of juices and smoothies, all made with fresh ingredients.

4. Frozen Juice or Fruit

For the most satisfying texture, you need to chill out. That’s right: Adding frozen fruit or vegetables instead of ice will give your smoothie an appealing, flavorful texture that will get you hooked. Try frozen spinach, kale, or frozen peas. It’s easy (and often cheaper) to purchase frozen bags of vegetables and fruit. Don’t worry, though: They still contain essential nutrients. And if your seasonal selections are a bit limited, frozen foods offer a tantalizing selection of flavors.

A delicious frozen smoothie is a great way to start your day or to keep you going strong when the days seem long. And when you add fresh ingredients, some power-packed superfoods, a little chill, and mix it up in a powerful blender for a full consistency, you’ve got a secret weapon for better health in your hands.