Spring has arrived, and there’s no better way to officially welcome the burst of vibrancy that comes this time of year than by filling your home with flowers and greenery. If you haven’t fully cultivated your green thumb or the thought of sustaining life brings a sense of fear, don’t worry! There are a number of plant varieties that work well in indoor potted plants, as bright and welcoming flower boxes for your balcony, and even ground cover for that small patch of soil outside your front door. So shake off that fear, grab a trowel, and venture into a new gardening hobby with these four easy-to-care-for plants.


Purple, white, and yellow, pansies are the ultimate garden floral for novice gardeners. Not only are these little plants incredibly hearty, but they also bloom from spring into early fall, providing a blast of bright colors. They are easy to transplant and provide instant gratification as a potted plant arrangement. Pansies require some minor maintenance to ensure the plants remain lush and looking full, a perfect primer for the budding gardener.


Your kitchen windowsill is an ideal place to grow a beautiful herb garden. Herbs are perfect for satisfying the desire for something fresh and alive in your apartment while also providing you with delicious meal enhancements with a few quick snips. Try growing all the spices needed for a delicious Italian meal like basil, oregano, and parsley. Add in some cilantro, too, to enhance your homemade salsa or Thai dinner.


If you’re looking for plants that require little to no maintenance and yet are beautiful, colorful, and incredibly trendy right now, take a look at succulents. These desert dwellers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. While they look lush, they need very little water and care. Hens and chicks are great for outdoor pots, while jade, burro’s tail, zebra, and snake plants are all great for indoor pots.


Although sustainable, bamboo sometimes gets a bad rap for often consuming small garden spaces. But when contained to a pot, Chinese bamboo is the perfect plant for fostering a sense of peace and calm. One of the easiest plants to care for, you can place leafy stalks in a vase or pot surrounded by small pebbles or rocks—no dirt required. Simply keep the vessel full of water.

If beautiful spring blossoms and beautifully planted rows of veggies have inspired you to pick up gardening as a new hobby, you now have a list of hearty, easy-to-care-for plants sure to infuse even more of that spring renewal into your home and lifestyle. Welcome to the gardening club, a pastime enjoyed by one in three households.