It’s the time of year when people are usually planning summer trips to Europe, Asia, or other places they have been dreaming of going. While you might not be traveling abroad any time soon due to the current pandemic, you can still enjoy an authentic culinary experience from countries around the world—without even leaving town! Bellflower boasts restaurants of various cuisines, anywhere from Greece to Indonesia.

During this challenging time, some of the best local businesses to support are the restaurants. So this spring, instead of making plans to travel to Italy or Japan, you can support local businesses by trying out the multicultural restaurants we have in town. Here are three options to check out.

Bellko Korean BBQ

Sit outside and enjoy authentic Korean food made from fresh local ingredients. Bellko Korean BBQ is open for outdoor dining, takeout, and delivery. Their menu offers a variety of meat and protein dishes, including short ribs, beef brisket, and tofu steak, all served with rice and salad. With a talented and experienced chef, a traditional menu, and a focus on quality ingredients, Bellko Korean BBQ will not disappoint.

Toko Rame Indonesian Halal

If you have never had Indonesian food, Toko Rame is the place to try. There, you can get dishes such as sate padang, martabak telor, bakmi (noodles), chicken satay, and tofu salad. They are open for takeout and delivery, so be adventurous and try something new without even leaving your home!

Ricci’s Italian Restaurant

Get away to Italy for an evening at Ricci’s Italian Restaurant. Their extensive menu has a wide range of Italian specialties, including calzones, ravioli, fettuccine, and veal. Not only is their food delicious, but their friendly service will make you feel like family. They are open for takeout and outdoor dining, so try it out for an authentic experience that will make you feel like you are at home in Italy.

Despite the pandemic and travel restrictions, trying different multicultural restaurants like these will add more adventure to your routine. You will also be helping to support local businesses that will continue to provide great food services even after the pandemic is over. So, go out and enjoy the interesting restaurants right around us in Bellflower, or have them bring the food right to your home for a delicious international experience!